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When it comes to a membership program, I have really pinged a lot of people and asked them what they would want in a program. I was surprised at how many people said equipment cleaning and repairs. What makes that even more shocking is that Canon is right down the road, so why would Canon owners mention that? One word: Convenience.

Over the last couple of months, I've really started to focus on how this business can grow. Growth is my key goal for 2017. I want to be able to offer more products, more services, and really ramp up what this area needs. The membership program, I believe, is just one stepping stone to being successful in 2017.

So at this point, I am sure you are asking about the official details of the membership program. Well, they are a work in progress but I have no problem sharing my wishful thinking.

For starters, I want equipment cleaning to be a key part. I see a lot of people who fear cleaning their equipment or simply don't know how. Whether you want us to clean your equipment or not, we'll host "cleaning" events and have trained professionals show you exactly how to do it. If that's not your cup of tea, we'll offer a certain number of cleaning per year at no additional cost.

Another idea being tossed around is special discounts only sent to members. Discounts such as 50% off.... your entire order. Maybe we randomly select a group of our members to receive absolutely free rentals of a certain piece of equipment. What about a referral discount that if you refer someone to join the membership program, you get 2 or 3 separate weekends of free rentals or maybe a cash value towards a rental. We're willing to be a little crazy.

Special events. For those who join, we would be offering special events most likely on a monthly basis. These events would be topic driven and would focus on specific needs of the members. All of these topics would be generated from the members. Food and beverages would be provided at each event and it would be hosted during a time most people could attend.

Educational Series. When it comes to educational series or hands on training, I am hoping to bring in some top names to this area for hands-on training and tutorials. These types of events would be for members only and would also be chosen by the members. What makes these even better is, I would open up any in-stock equipment for use during these series. Wanna learn macro photography but don't want to rent the lens... for members it'd be free.

Equipment repairs. This is the toughest of them all. We really want to offer equipment repair in-house for all platforms. Whether it's film or digital. Finding someone qualified enough can be a bit tricky and there is quite a bit of liability in trying to repair someones equipment but this is definitely something I'd like to add to the membership if at all possible. Again, maybe this is just wishful thinking for 2017 but I'm going to do my best.

So give some feedback. Let me know what you'd like to see in a membership program. What are other programs lacking? Where can we be better and make the most of what we have here in this area? I'm all ears and can't wait to hear what you have in mind.

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