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So we're in the last quarter of 2016 of our startup year! Hooray! What exactly does that mean and where is the future going to take us? That is a question we hope to answer right here.

We've had a ton of great feedback about the business. Not only are we taking notes, but we hope to implement some of those ideas to benefit everyone! When it comes to this business, I'll be honest in saying that there was a steep learning curve. Things had to change quickly and sometimes, those changes made other problems worse (cough cough the website crashing).

Like most startups I've seen, if you don't adjust, pivot, or transition to what your customers need/expect you're going to struggle. So with that said, lets move on to what we hope to do in the future.

For starters, as most of you have seen, we had a survey on the website asking about pickup times. The winner for pickup times is between 1pm and 7pm. That really didn't surprise me. Our goal for 2017 is to find a person who has a vested interest in this business to be available for those times during the day. We really want someone who brings something to the table, whether it's tech knowledge, monetary investment, or a true passion to be part of a growing business. You have to love being in this industry if you want to be part of the industry.

The next change will be with out billing. We plan to move towards the same concept as Redbox where you aren't charged until the end of your rental. This will allow you to extend your rental without paperwork. No one likes paperwork. We'll talk a little bit more about rental extensions in a bit as well. We've heard a few people also asking about reservations. We are in fact working on a procedure that would allow reservations... special membership program anyone?

Did I say membership program? Yep. I sure did. So how is the membership program going to work? It's pretty straight forward for the most part. We will give you a monthly or yearly membership. This membership will give you special discounts and promotions as well as free rentals. Who doesn't love free stuff? We want to add a unique twist to some of the free rentals and maybe challenge our clients to expand their skillset and try something new. We'll see where this leads us but right now, we plan on bringing in a membership program.

Inventory. Yes, out inventory is still rather limited but that will change for 2017. We're not only going to bring in additional Nikon and Canon equipment but we will also bring in Sony and Fuji as well. What else? How about more video equipment. We've been bouncing the idea around to bring in some additional cinematography gear, sliders, lighting etc. Big things are to come for those who don't use Nikon or Canon, we promise.

Website overhaul will be scheduled for the end of 2017. We may change out platform slightly but it will still be user friendly and easy on the eyes. Personally, I like simplicity. This will most likely be outsourced to a third party company for the shear fact of not having the time for a build out. If you're a web developers... lets chat!

Lastly, we are going to be introducing our educational sessions. Some of you have seen the discussion about this before but this is something I really want to make happen for 2017. This will be a small group of people, talking about a general topic, and then using our equipment to learn how to better your skills. For those who are members, there will be special nights with special guest who are there to teach you new ideas and tricks. Also, when I say special guests, I mean serious players in the game. Trust me, it'll be worth every bit of your time.

So that's a wrap. Lots of future ideas, concepts and changes coming down the line. We're working hard to focus on making this a better company and we really hope you have enjoyed what is nearly the end of our first year in business. If you ever have any questions, comments, etc... shoot them over. We love to get feedback and love meeting all the great people in this area.

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