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Where To Shoot | An Interactive Map For Photographers

A new interactive map just for you!

So as most photographers know, sometimes you're tired of the same locations time and time again. You wish there was something a little different to bring you out of your element and get those creative juices flowing again. There has never been a good resource in Hampton Roads that allowed for people to browse for locations to do their photography. Of course you have some amazing Facebook groups to ping such as Hampton Roads Photographers Network, Hampton Roads Photography Locations, and Hampton Roads Creative Arts Network but sometimes you just want to know what is around your specific area. This is exactly what this tool is for.

This map will always be growing with more information to provide as much detail about locations as possible. The plan is to add more categories and tags to help you redefine your search. We're also going to work on the ability to have user input data as well as recommend locations or give updates. The more information we can give, the better this community will be as a whole.

If you ever have any questions or comments about the interactive map, feel free to shoot us a message. We're always around to help when we can and we hope you enjoy this new map as much as we do. This area is amazing and has a ton of great photographers. We look forward to seeing everyone out shooting!

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