Using The Interactive Map

How To Use The Interactive Map:

It’s quite simple honestly. The easiest way to find a location is to search by the type of location (ie; Park, Beach). You can also sort by categories as well. Don’t see what you’re looking for but know of a sweet spot you’d like to share with others? Simply add the location How To Add Locations: To add a location all you have to do is register with our website (to prevent spam) and follow the basic instructions at the bottom of this page. Each location is review by our webmaster before going live and we confirm the information provided. All locations require an address, and a description. Please select the proper categories as well. Need More Help? Contact us via email or through Facebook and we’ll be more than happy to assist. IMPORTANT: City parks are changing their rules and regulations regarding the use of space for photographers/businesses. A few bad apples have spoiled the free use of the partks and now the city of Virginia Beach is requiring a permit for use of their parks. For more information about Virginia Beach use this link (you must be a member of Hampton Roads Photographers Network). Please note that Digital Lens Rental does not claim any responsibility or liability for the information shared on this website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a photography location, call the location or ask through the many available groups such as Hampton Roads Photographers Network or Hampton Roads Photography Locations. Using private land for your shoot without proper authorization is trespassing and may result in arrest of a fine. Again, ask for permission prior to your shoot. [wpgmza id=”1″][vc_column_text]Want to add your own locations? All you have to do is REGISTER as a user on our website and we will grant you access to the Where To Shoot add feature. Each location will be screened to help avoid duplicates as well as avoid any spam. It could take a few days to allow for your location to become active. If you become a contributor, you will also be entitled to receive special discounts and promos for helping grown our community. These promos will only be given to those who contribute. So, if you rent from us and want to save money, contribute! If you have any questions you can contact us or shoot us a message over on Facebook!